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21 Easy & Simple Drawing Ideas Beginners Should Try

Drawing can be done by all ages and skill levels. The best part about drawing tutorials is that you can add your own touch to these beginner-friendly sketch ideas. Get those creative juices flowing in just minutes with easy drawing ideas.

collage of different drawing ideas, cartoon drawing, hand drawing on ruler, op art and cartoon birds.

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“I am not good at drawing”

If you have ever said this statement or heard your children say this, just remember that practice is key. Don’t worry about the outcome. Just start drawing. Sometimes, the best way to overcome negative self-talk is to draw just a little each day to help build overall confidence. 

Different Ways To Draw

Also, encourage beginner artists or children to add their details or remind them that drawings following step-by-step tutorials are better when you add your twist.

Other Easy Drawing Tips

  • It is always a great idea to start with simple shapes.
  • Sketch lightly. We like to say “Sketch light until you get it right.”
  • Instead of always drawing from tutorials, try to draw from observation. You will be amazed at what can be seen in real life from different angles.
  • Embrace mistakes and know that you are learning and growing in the process.
white paper, markers, pencils and ruler on marble table.

What supplies do I need?

A simple sheet of paper or sketchbook and a pencil with an eraser is all you need. Don’t get overwhelmed with a lot of supplies, just get going.

You can click through to the full art lessons listed below for specific supplies, such as colored pencils, markers, or chalk pastels, you could use to finish your artwork.

21+ Easy Drawing Prompts and Ideas

Simple Line Drawings

Here are a few cool drawings you can try with simple lines and different shapes.

black line drawing of girl.
Easily Draw People With This Basic Portrait Sketch Technique
This drawing technique is super simple and will help kids and beginners draw basic portrait sketches. You can use this technique for more than just drawing people, but we think it is great starting point for those self-portrait projects.
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snowflake drawing with blue watercolor paint on wood table.
Simple Snowflake Step-by-Step Guide
Snowflakes are super fun to draw especially in the Winter. Learn how you can repeat lines and shapes to get a fun patterned snowflake drawing that is different every time.
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How to Draw a Rainbow for Kids
Is your little one struggling to hold a marker correctly or needs a little extra fine motor practice? Using a template first can help them learn how to create large curved lines. Not only will they practice their hand-eye coordination but will create a rainbow they are proud of.
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black and white op art drawings.
Easy Black and White Abstract Art
This drawing is best for a child at least 7 years old and makes an awesome upper elementary or middle school drawing. A ruler can help create evenly spaced straight lines in the background. By using repetition, geometric shapes and contrast you can create your own optical art.
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2 different heart artworks done with chalk pastels on black paper.
Easy Chalk Pastel Heart Art Project
Take a simple heart shape and add your own unique twist using chalk pastels. This easy drawing project is fun for all ages.
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mandala art project with blue, orange and green paint on a cardboard circle.
Easy Mandala Art For Kids and Beginners
Just as in the snowflake drawing above, this mandala design can turn out differently every time. Use this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to easily create guidelines to help with your drawing.
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colored pencil and marker optical art on marble table.
Fun Op Art Drawing For Beginners
If you are looking for a fun way to teach or learn about shading with colored pencils, this is a great opportunity. Use our detailed step-by-step instructions to complete this fun drawing.
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colorful large flower oil pastel and tempera paintings by kids.
Flower Drawing Idea For Kids
Use Georgia O'Keeffe as inspiration for your zoomed-in flower drawing. This is drawing idea can help beginner artists learn about composition and overlapping different lines and shapes.
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Easy Geometric Pattern Using A Compass
Older kids may love learning how to use a compass to create easy doodles.
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Cute Animal Drawings

Find your next drawing idea here. Animals are always a popular subject with children and new artists.

hand drawing cartoon birds on art table.
Draw Simple Cartoon Birds For Kids
Younger children and beginners will love creating their own cartoon bird family drawing using basic shapes. These drawings can easily be added to in order to get a unique and fun drawing.
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How To Draw a Tiger – Inspired by Henri Rousseau
This tiger drawing is an awesome starting point for a jungle painting or drawing for kids. Have fun changing the facial expression to showcase your mood.
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black line drawing of cat.
Cute Easy Cat Drawing
This adorable cat sketch can be done in a few minutes. Learn how you can use easy shapes as guidelines for your cute cat.
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Octopus Drawing: Easy, Cute Instructions
All octopuses or octopi don't have to look alike. Start with the eyes and have fun creating your own colorful drawing.
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Easy to Draw Cow for Kids
This cow drawing starts with a simple rectangle shape and builds from there.
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4 step process how to draw a butterfly.
Draw An Easy Butterfly
Butterflies are a great way to practice your drawing skills because you can draw them from so many different angles or with your own patterns and designs. Look at real-life butterflies and these easy steps for inspiration. We love adding watercolor paint to these insect drawings.
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colorful patterned cat drawing kid art project.
Easy Cat Drawing Inspired By Laurel Burch
Kids love creating their own patterned cat drawings. You can paint, use markers, or keep it as a drawing. This art lesson is great because you start with a guided drawing but children are still encouraged to add their own unique touches and details.
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Zoo Animals Fingerprint Art
If your child is having a hard time knowing where to start you can begin with fingerprints and work from there. You might even notice a light bulb moment when they realize how to start with basic shapes to get the animal they want.
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Cartoon Drawings

How To Draw A Half Moon Step By Step
Simple drawings are sometimes the best. Start with a basic crescent shape and add cartoon or realistic eyes.
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black marker cartoon drawing with guide of variety of facial features on table.
Create Funny Cartoon Drawings
Kids absolutely love using our drawing guide to create funny cartoon faces with a lot of emotions. There are endless combinations of facial features to help create their favorite characters!
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6 different color monster artworks by kids.
Draw A Color Monster
Monsters are so fun to draw and create. Add one eye or three and have fun drawing your own unique monster drawings.
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Monster Drawing Game
This simple drawing idea is similar to our cartooning and monster ideas list in this post. Create a monster dice with different body parts and then roll for different combinations. This is a great drawing activity to just get started drawing (and giggling, too).
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How to Draw a Mermaid Easily
Draw your own little mermaid with this drawing tutorial. We even see adding your own ocean waves to your completed drawing.
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We hope that this simple list of drawing prompts is a starting point for your sketchbook. Remember to have fun, be creative and don’t be scared to make mistakes.

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