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21 Easy & Simple Drawing Ideas Beginners Should Try

Drawing can be done by all ages and skill levels. The best part about drawing tutorials is that you can add your own touch to these beginner-friendly sketch ideas. Get those creative juices flowing in just minutes with easy drawing ideas.

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“I am not good at drawing”

If you have ever said this statement or heard your children say this, just remember that practice is key. Don’t worry about the outcome and just start drawing. Sometimes the best way to overcome negative self-talk is to draw just a little each day to help build overall confidence. 

Different Ways To Draw

Also, encourage beginner artists or children to add their own details or remind them that drawings following step-by-step tutorials are better when you add your own twist.

Other Easy Drawing Tips

  • It is always a great idea to start with simple shapes.
  • Sketch lightly. We like to say “Sketch light until you get it right.”
  • Instead of always drawing from tutorials, try to draw from observation. You will be amazed at what can be seen in real life from different angles.
  • Embrace mistakes and know that you are learning and growing in the process.
white paper, markers, pencils and ruler on marble table.

What supplies do I need?

A simple sheet of paper or sketchbook and a pencil with an eraser is all you need. Don’t get overwhelmed with a lot of supplies, just get going.

You can click through to the full art lessons listed below for specific supplies you could use to finish your artwork such as colored pencils, markers or chalk pastels.

21+ Easy Drawing Prompts and Ideas

Depending on your mood or style you may want to draw animals to snowflakes. Find your next easy drawing idea below.

Simple Line Drawings

Here are a few cool drawings you can try with simple lines and different shapes.

Cute Animal Drawings

Find your next drawing idea here. Animals are always a popular subject with children and new artists.

Cartoon Drawings

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Related Easy Art Projects

We hope that this simple list of drawing prompts is a starting point for your sketchbook. Remember to have fun, be creative and don’t be scared to make mistakes.

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