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23+ Fun Crafts Kids Can Make & Sell

Are your kids looking for easy crafts they can sell for a little extra money? Creating and selling is a great way for a child to learn about running his or her own business. Use this list of 23+ cool crafts that will help your child get into the entrepreneurial spirit.

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Why would kids sell crafts?

This list of crafts is also perfect for that entrepreneur project or school market day. You will be amazed at the effort and pride kids of all ages will put into their business ideas.

Fun Crafts For Kids To Make And Sell

From craft fairs to starting their own Etsy shop (with a parent) the sky is the limit regarding how kids can find creative ways to make profitable crafts.

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We hope your children enjoy creating just to create. However, it is also awesome to show them how you can be entrepreneurs and artists at the same time!

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