I’m Erin!

Do you love creating and do you love sharing that creativity with your family or students? Crafty Art Ideas is the place for you.

I have worked with thousands of children as an Art teacher. 500+ students a year for 14+ years really adds up to the number of artworks that have been made, organized, and loved.

This site is a fun place where I share art lessons and fun crafts that the whole family can enjoy.

Come along and enjoy the process of creating with us!

More About Erin The Author Of Crafty Art Ideas

Do you have an art degree?

Yes, in undergraduate school I received a B.F.A. (Bachelor Of Fine Arts) in two-dimensional studies and M.A. (Master In Arts) in Art Education.

Do you create at home?

A lot of the projects you will see have been done by myself and my family. We love creating and working together (even in the end result isn’t always perfect).

Why do some of your projects talk about the elementary art classroom?

I was an art teacher for 14+ years. I know how important it is to plan the conversations around art and all the organizational skills involved in the artmaking process with large groups.

Do you have to do these projects in the art classroom?

No, any of these lessons can be modified for homeschool or at-home ideas. Some of the crafts probably can only be done at home. For example, I would not recommend making crayons in an oven in a school setting.

We love seeing what you will create. From simple crafts to advanced drawings, our readers sure are creative.

My Favorite Projects

Fav Drawing Lesson

Chalk Pastel & Glue

What Will You Find On Our Website?

  • Art lessons for children specifically art lessons that can be done in an elementary art classroom.
  • Easy craft ideas to complete at home.
  • Resources and recommended supplies from a veteran art teacher.
  • Art and craft ideas for adults.