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24+ Pretty Flower Art Project & Craft Ideas For Kids

Are you looking for simple, yet gorgeous craft and art project ideas? Flowers come in all shapes and sizes. That makes them the perfect subject matter for kids. Here are 24+ beautiful flower art projects you can try today!

collage of flower crafts and art projects for kids.

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Flowers have always been a subject matter for artists over the years. Young artists can really gain inspiration from their beauty.

Supplies Used For Easy Flower Crafts

This list contains a wide variety of materials and ways you can make beautiful flower art projects. If you have some of these materials, you can start making Spring crafts today.

  • Buttons
  • Egg Cartons: we love the different ways you can use this recyclable material to make flowers
  • Felt
  • Construction Paper
  • Tissue Paper or Crepe Paper
  • Craft Sticks
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Fake or Real Flowers
2 art projects with tissue paper of water lilies on shiplap.
Monet Water Lilies Art Lesson
Using a famous artist as inspiration for this flower art project adds a little art history lesson into the mix. Children can create their own scenes by using bleeding tissue paper, paint and oil pastels.
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yellow, red and purple painted egg carton flowers with buttons in the center.
Layered Egg Carton Flowers
These more advanced egg carton flowers may require a little adult assistance, but we know that this recyclable craft can make the best gift.
The best part is that older kids can design their own flowers by painting the egg cartons in the colors of their choosing and cutting their own flower shapes. There are so many different ways you can combine egg cartons to create flower petals.
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flower craft made from egg carton, button, craft stick and pipe cleaner.
Adorable Egg Carton Flower Craft For Kids
This egg carton flower project is a great idea for young kids. They will have fun painting and making their own flower with craft supplies you probably already have.
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paper plate flower with colorful coffee filter and painted cardboard stem.
Paper Plate Flowers
Everyone loves a good craft that uses paper plates and coffee filters. This easy Kindergarten flower craft is a fun way for children to explore different painting techniques & color mixing to make beautiful flowers.
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colorful large flower oil pastel and tempera paintings by kids.
Easy Flower Painting Idea For Kids
Use Georgia O'Keeffe as inspiration to create these easy flower drawings and paintings. Kids have so much fun adding bright colors with oil pastels and tempera paints in their large zoomed-in flower paintings.
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Stained Glass Art Project for Kids
Create flower designs or any drawings on transparency to create faux stained glass. Use this detailed tutorial to find out how you can add color to your windows today.
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clay pinch pot flower art project on clay placemat.
Easy Clay Flower Pinch Pot
Take a simple pinch pot build and turn it into the most adorable flower cup. This flower project is a great way to work on developing those fine motor skills. Use the detailed tutorial to learn how beginners can make their first pinch pot. Not only do kids have fun making these, but they make the perfect gifts to give to families as well.
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Abstract Easy Flowers in a Vase Panting Idea for Kids and Beginners
Use basic overlapping paint strokes to create amazing flower paintings. Adults and children alike will love this fun painting idea. We are huge fans of this detailed tutorial and how they create colorful backgrounds and flowers.
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glow in the dark landscape oil pastel projects by kids..
Fun Heather Galler Art Lesson For Kids
These glow-in-the-dark landscapes are sure to include flowers and other items found in nature. The sky is literally the limit when using neon oil pastels to create outdoor masterpieces.
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2 different flower glue resist watercolor paintings on canvas boards.
Easy Glue Resist Flower Art
Did you know that you can draw with glue, let it dry, and then paint watercolor on top? These flower vase artworks are a fun flower project for any beginner to try.
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Tissue Paper Flowers
Decorate your small flower pot to help celebrate Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day or Grandparents Day. This craft is great for upper elementary kids to make on their own.
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Easy Tissue Paper Flowers for Kids and Adults
This detailed tutorial will show you exactly how to make tissue paper flowers for decor or a Spring garland for your home.
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mandala art project with blue, orange and green paint on a cardboard circle.
Easy Mandala Art For Kids and Beginners
By repeating a simple curved line these radial symmetrical paintings may end up with a flower shape on the inside. Beginners can have fun repeating different lines and shapes to create a floral design.
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Spring Crepe Paper Flower Wreath Craft
Experiment with different ways to make flowers in this Spring wreath idea. You can use the template provided or make your own fake flowers.
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DIY Egg Carton Flower Crown
You can make different egg carton flowers like those listed above by adding craft sticks or using pipe cleaners. However, you could also consider turning those flower shapes into an awesome crown for your little one.
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Paper Plate Flower Craft
Add a little sunshine and character to those paper plates with this easy fun craft.
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Cupcake Liner Spring Flower Craft
Use colorful cupcake liners to create these easy flowers with preschoolers and younger children. We love simple flower crafts that use limited supplies.
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Tropical Paper Flowers
The finished flower craft definitely looks harder than it is. The whole family will love making these exotic paper flowers.
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Kid-Made Cupcake Liner Flowers
Set-up a cupcake liner station and let kids get to work. You will be amazed at the flower creations they come up with.
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Easy Flower & Insect Puppets
Make simple puppets with craft sticks for a fun art activity. Kids can put on a Spring or Summer play for you with all of their creations.
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Button Flower Pins
Older children will love mixing and matching different buttons and felt to create fun pins that are the perfect Spring craft idea for Mother's Day.
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Felt Flowers Craft
Toddlers can change their felt flower designs in this fun project. Little hands will love this great fine motor activity. The best part is that you don't have to glue the felt if you want this art activity to be reusable.
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Fork Painted Sunflowers
All you need is a few different colors of paint and forks for this simple craft.
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Painting with Flowers for Toddlers and Preschoolers
We love a good process art activity and so do children. Have fun exploring different textures and marks a real flower can make.
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We hope you enjoy creating lovely flowers with your family. Nature and creativity just go together!

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