Easy Glue Resist Art on Canvas (with Watercolor Paint)

Are you looking for an amazing technique using watercolor paints? This glue and canvas craft is the perfect way for absolute beginners to make DIY signage, artwork and more for your home. You can personalize or customize this glue art to your liking with just white glue and watercolor paints.

2 different flower glue resist watercolor paintings on canvas boards.

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Some people think watercolor paint is a difficult medium to work with. However, watercolor is one of our favorite water-based paints to use because of all the different ways you can use watercolor techniques to make your own works of watercolor art.

Even younger children can be successful with this painting technique.

Why do we love this new way of using watercolor paints?

It honestly is so easy and quick and fun unique approach to watercolor painting. Yes, can you spend a long time creating layers upon layers of watercolor paint.

However, you also can create an art project like we did in around 20 minutes. (It might have even took us 10 minutes honestly).

The longest part of this project is making sure you have dried glue before adding watercolor paint. If you are looking for a more intricate drawing idea, we think a mandala design might be very cool!

Can you use watercolor paint on canvas?

Yes, 100%. You will see the texture of the canvas or canvas board, but use that to your advantage. Creating looser drawings or artwork can really work well when painting with watercolor on canvas.

Liquid watercolor paint on glue art on canvas.

Why do you add salt to watercolor paint?

The salt will soak up the wet watercolor paint to create a wonderful texture on your watercolor painting. You can do this on regular watercolor paper or even canvas. Make sure to fully let your painting dry to see the full lively effect and fun color.

Do you leave the salt in a watercolor painting?

You can choose to keep it in the painting as an added texture or carefully brush it off.

liquid watercolor on canvas board with glue resist and salt.

Why did we recommend using liquid watercolor?

You do not have to use only liquid watercolor. We just chose to make this watercolor painting as vibrant as possible. You can easily your own set of watercolor pans and watercolor paintbrushes for this glue painting technique.

Can you use school glue?

School glue is washable and may not hold up well when adding colorful watercolors (especially if using a more wet-on-wet technique).

When drawing with glue you want to have the tip of the bottle almost touching (if not touching) your surface. This will allow you to have the right amount of glue without being too much.

Elmer's glue all in front of two canvas board with glue watercolor paint and salt on them.

What other materials can you use to create a watercolor resist?

Looking for more watercolor painting ideas?

hand holding watercolor painting on canvas done of flowers in a vase in purples, teals and magenta.

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Now go and make your own watercolor works of art using a combination of these innovative techniques.

Yield: Glue Watercolor Art

Glue Art On Canvas

2 different flower glue resist watercolor paintings on canvas boards.

Learn how to use bottled glue to create watercolor art on canvas. This glue craft project is such a fun watercolor resist technique to try.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Additional Time 25 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost Less than $5


  • Watercolor Paint Brush
  • Water container


  1. Use the glue bottle to draw out design. Have fun with it. Sketchy lines can work well. glue bottle drawing out design on canvas board with white glue.
  2. Let glue dry completely.glue resist design on canvas board with cups of liquid watercolor and paint brushes.
  3. Wet canvas completely to complete a wet on wet look.hand adding water to glue art on canvas before adding watercolor paint.
  4. Use magenta, purple and turquoise liquid watercolor (or colors or your choices) right on top of the glue lines. paint brush apply blue and violet watercolor paint to canvas board on top of dried glue design.
  5. Add salt in spaces that are really saturated with color.salt in a little cup being on top of watercolor painting done with glue and liquid watercolor paint.
  6. Let dry. You can either dust salt off or keep it the texture as part of your glue art. paintbrush, watercolor resist paining on canvas board with glue bottle on marbled table top.


  1. Have fun with a variety of subject matter when creating your glue art on canvas.
  2. You can use watercolor sheets or paper instead of canvas board.

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