Easy Glue Resist Watercolor Painting Idea For Kids

Kids will love this glue-painting technique. It is always so fun to use art materials in unexpected ways.

easy heart painting done with glue and watercolor paint on paper.

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This simple watercolor paint technique is perfect for even your most hesitant painter. Children of all ages can create their own masterpieces using watercolor paints, bottled glue and paper. This glue resist technique is great for holiday crafts (we see you spider webs) or just plain abstract art

How do you do a glue resist?

Draw with bottled glue on white or black paper. Let dry overnight and paint over glue with watercolor paint on white paper or even pastels on top of glue on black paper to complete this fun technique. 

What is a resist painting?

Resist panting is when you put something down first that does not allow the paint to stick to the surface. Glue, oil pastel, crayons or rubber cement can all be used to resist watercolor paint from sticking to the designs.

What kind of glue works best for a glue painting technique?

We are always a fan of Glue All. Washable glue may become tacky if you went it after it dries.

Handing holding Elmer's Glue All with white paper and water container in the background.

What art concepts can you teach with this project?

You can always find ways to cover the Elements of Art. This is a great kid’s project for them to understand texture and color mixing.

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textured heart with watercolor paint on dried white glue.

The art and craft projects kids can create are endless with this simple watercolor resist technique.

Yield: Easy Watercolor Heart Painting

Easy Glue Resist Watercolor Paint Technique

hand holding heart painting done with white bottled glue and watercolor paint.

Create an easy artwork for kids with this glue resist technique. We love this simple heart painting idea, but you could do any subject matter.

Prep Time 2 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Additional Time 10 minutes
Total Time 32 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost Less than $5




  1. Come up with design and sketch it out if neccessary. Use glue bottle to draw image.heart drawn with glue on white paper.
  2. Let glue completely dry. glue drying on table on glue heart resit painting for kids.
  3. Once glue is dry, use watercolor paints to add to your painting. Colors next to each other on the color wheel will mix well. easy heart painting for kids with white glue and watercolor paint.
  4. Let painting dry and enjoy.


Optional Step: You could use a pen sharpie to add black designs on top of this glue resist painting or to outline the glue.

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