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Textured Tissue Paper Heart Craft For Kids

Work on fine motor development with this easy tissue paper craft idea. This tutorial will show you how to make an easy textured heart.

textured heart with tissue paper and supplies around it.

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Tissue paper is such a fun art and craft material to work for children. You can paint with tissue paper, create collages or create fun textured art projects.

Tissue paper crafts help with fine motor development

Do you have memories of creating crafts in Elementary school? Wrapping tissue paper around a pencil is so great for children’s fine motor development. The tissue paper process we will show involves using small muscles to control where children are placing their colored paper.

What age is this tissue paper craft for?

This project is great for kindergarten (age 5) and up. Younger kids may be able to do this tissue paper technique with a little help.

Some frequently asked questions

Can I use bleeding tissue paper?

You can for this project, but it might stain your fingers a little. But you are an artist so do as you want.

Can I use any colored tissue paper?

Yes, be creative and have fun when designing your heart craft. Think of designs of colors you think would go well together. You could create patterns, an ombré effect, or just one color. The sky is the limit.

What if my child has difficulty wrapping the tissue paper around the pencil?

You can help them, but the practice is the most important part. Model how to use both hands to wrap the tissue paper around the end and then hold the pencil and tissue paper with one hand. Getting the transfer from hand to hand will help them.

In the images, you have Glue All, but recommended School Glue?

We normally use Glue All for all of our craft projects. However, washable school glue should work just fine for this easy craft project.

finished textured heart project made from tissue paper on shiplap.

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More Easy Crafts For Kids

Have fun creating this easy tissue paper craft with your children today!

Easy Textured Tissue Paper Craft For Kids

This fun DIY tissue paper craft allows kids to create a colorful craft of their choice. Make them as large or as small as you want. You can also use this tissue paper technique to make different shapes and designs as well.
Print Tutorial
easy tissue paper heart craft with pink and orange on shiplap with glue bottle, pencil and cut out hearts.
Prep:5 minutes
Creating:20 minutes
Additional Time:20 minutes
Total Time:45 minutes


  • Pencil
  • Scrap Tagboard
  • Scissors



  • Cut tagboard into desired shape. We cute a 5" heart to work on.
    hands cutting heart out of tagboard for heart project for kids.
  • Cut tissue paper into squares. This can either be done before hand or as kids are working. They do not have to be perfect. Place glue on paper plate of scrap tagboard.
    tissue paper, heart, pencil and glue on plate.
  • Wrap one square of tissue paper around the end of the pencil.
    hands wrapping square tissue paper around end of pencil for easy heart craft for kids.
  • Tap in glue. If you have too much glue, tap on the extra tagboard before adding to heart.
    pencil with tissue paper getting put in glue to add to heart art project.
  • Add to the edge of the heart.
    one piece of tissue paper on white heart with glue plate on art table.
  • Repeat until the whoel heart is covered with tissue paper.
    hand wrapping tissue paper around pencil edge with tissue paper heart craft in the background.
  • Let Dry.
    textured tissue paper in orange, pink on heart project.


The tighter you place the tissue paper the more full and textured the heart will feel. Have fun with colors are designs the kids create on the shapes.
Author: Erin
Cost: Less than $5

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