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35+ Easy Heart Crafts For All Kids

Hearts are the perfect shape to use for all sorts of arts and crafts for kids. They are simple enough to cut and draw but can be done in so many different ways. These 25+ easy heart crafts for kids can be done with kids of all ages and with supplies you probably already have.

collage of 6 different heart crafts.

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From Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day and every holiday in between, kids love using hearts to showcase their creativity. Remember, don’t be scared to add your own twist to these heart craft ideas.

4 mutli-colored new heart crayons made from crayons melting in oven in silicone heart molds.
Colorful Heart Crayons
Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day more than these fun conversation hearts. Use the step-by-step tutorial to make new crayons in your oven using silicone molds. This easy craft project is fun for the whole family. Finally, a way to recycle all those broken crayons you have around!
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Painted Rock Mandala Hearts
Find those rocks and add your own unique heart designs. Not only is this a great heart art project, but relaxing, too. Use repeating shapes for a cohesive look.
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2 different heart artworks done with chalk pastels on black paper.
Easy Chalk Pastel Heart Art Project
Beginners and young children will love experimenting with chalk pastels in this easy art lesson inspired by the artist, Jim Dine.
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Easy No-Sew Mini Heart Pillows Out of Fabric or Felt
These adorable heart pillows would make great gifts. This craft is a wonderful way to use up your extra fabric scraps.
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Conversation Heart Key Chain
Use premade keychains to create this easy Valentine's Day craft. This would be an adorable addition to any class Valentine.
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papers created with bleeding tissue paper and heart craft cut out on shiplap.
Hearts Painted With Tissue Paper
Explore the process art of painting with bleeding tissue paper to make fun hearts. This a fun way to see what will happen when overlap colors.
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easy heart painting done with glue and watercolor paint on paper.
Easy Glue Resist Watercolor Painting Idea For Kids
Create a lovely heart design by using glue to create a watercolor resist for a fun and energetic heart painting idea. Use different colors to showcase your mood.
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Heart String Art Craft
This string art idea is a perfect fine motor and heart craft idea. Children of all ages can learn the basic of sewing with this adorable craft.
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heart canvas with melted crayons.
Melted Crayon Heart Canvas
Melt old crayons with a hair dryer to create a melted crayon canvas. Children have so much fun seeing the hot wax make cool designs. Just make sure an adult helps!.Wax can get hot with this one!
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Heart Pop Art for Kids
The Pop Art style is such a great way for kids to create amazing artworks. Add coloring mixing or different styles of hearts to create awesome grid like artworks.
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rainbow nail heart art
DIY Hearts Made From String
Have you ever seen how excited kids get when they get to use hammers or other tools? You probably need to help your little kids with the nailing, but this string art is a fabulous project to keep their little fingers busy.
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easy tissue paper heart craft with pink and orange on shiplap with glue bottle, pencil and cut out hearts.
Textured Tissue Paper Heart Project
This simple heart craft is perfect to help develop your child's fine motor skills. See what your kids will create with this fun and easy tissue paper craft idea.
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Heart-Shaped Hand Print Photo Frames
Create your own salt dough to create a hand and heart keepsake.
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multiple hearts painted with watercolor paint on paper.
Easy Valentine’s Day Watercolor Painting Idea
Older children will love seeing watercolor paint blend in this awesome Valentine's Day watercolor painting idea. You can use smaller hearts or just paint one large one.
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easy heart watercolor painting for kids in warm colors and cool colored painting saying "grammy".
Easy Watercolor Heart Painting For Preschoolers
Even the youngest of kids will love this art project. Painter's tape and watercolor paint help make fun Mother's Day or Valentine's Day crafts.
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Heart Fingerprint Poem Keepsake
Create a cute heart with your little one's fingerprints for this memorable keepsake poem.
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Easy Felt Heart Plush Craft For Kids
Teach your children the lifelong skill of sewing with this plush heart craft. This is a great beginner sewing project that won't take too long to complete.
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DIY Yarn Hearts
This super easy heart craft will use up all your extra yarn. Little hands will love overlapping colorful yarn to make their own hanging heart.
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Easy Clay Heart Pins
Make your own clay heart pins using oven bake clay! We absolutely love this simple and easy heart pin craft idea and they really do make awesome Valentine's.
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Black Glue Heart Art Project
People won't belive that children all all ages can complete these heart craft. Make your own black glue to get this fun look.
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DIY Rose Filled Heart Card
Create minature paper spirals to make this faux rose heart card. What Grandma wouldn't love receiving this bouquet of flowers?
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Make 3D Paper Hearts
3-D paper hearts look way more complicated than they are. Have fun with different patterend papers to create one-of-a-kind hearts to hang to decorate your school or home.
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Heart Fox Craft
Start with a basic heart out of felt to create an easy heart fox. Let kids add their own little details to showcase their personalities.
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Heart Suncatchers
Use black glue and watercolor paints to create these window clings. We just love that you probably already have the materials at your house for this fun art project for kids.
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Nature Heart Crafts
Encourage your children's love of nature with these fun nature inspired heart crafts. Use materials like pressed flowers to items found on a nature hike
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DIY Conversation Hearts Magnet
Make your own conversation hearts to hang on your front door this Valentine's Day.
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Cardboard Tube Dangling Hearts
What is better than recycling and crafting? This easy heart craft is the perfect way to do both. Reuse all those toliet paper rolls!
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Valentine Heart Bookmarks
A simple little cut turns these heart drawings into bookmarks. The best part is that there is not wrong way to design them. You could even laminate them for a little more protection.
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DIY Heart Birdseed Ornaments
Share the love with the birds with this adorable birdseed heart craft idea. They are so cute that you will love just decorating a tree in your front yard with them.
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DIY Heart Ornament
Add a personalized touch and pick a map of a place you love. Create unique heart ornaments to display those places dear to you. This is simple heart idea for older kids.
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Sweet and Simple Woven Paper Heart Craft
Use the free template to help your little ones create this paper craft. They will be amazed at the design they can get.
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Easy Valentine Photo Craft For Kids
These adorable heart frames won't take long to put together and can be done with inexpensive materials.
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Rainbow Heart Perler Bead Patterns
Create the perfect heart shape with this free printable template. Get those perler beads ready and start creating fun desings today.
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Open Ended Heart Art For Preschoolers
Open-ended art is great for all ages, especially young kids. Set our your materials and see what they can create. You will be amazed.
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Easy Valentine Sweet Heart Craft
Whether you want to make your own candy out of polymer clay or buy premade shapes, kids will have fun arranging the items on a wooden heart.
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Mosaic Heart Chalk Activity for Preschoolers
Not all crafts have to be permanent. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air while making this heart art.
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Have fun creating memories and these fun heart projects with your children.

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