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18+ Simple and Easy Watercolor Paintings For Kids

Ignite your child’s imagination and creativity by exploring these easy watercolor projects for kids. Whether your child is just starting to find the joy of painting or is the next big artist, our list will inspire their next masterpiece.

collage of watercolor paintings for kids.

Why Kids Love Watercolor Paint

  • KID FRIENDLY – As far as painting goes, we find that watercolor paints are less messy and easier to clean up than their thicker counterparts.
  • VARIETY OF TECHNIQUES – From wet-on-wet to adding salt, there are many different ways to use watercolor paints.
  • DIFFERENT TYPES AVAILABLE – You can use the classic watercolor pans, but don’t be scared to explore liquid watercolors, tubes and more.
  • RELATIVELY INEXPENSIVE – Compared to more expensive acrylic paints or tempera paint, kids can reuse the same watercolor palette for years to come.

Fun Watercolor Painting Ideas

Abstract art with circles like Kandinsky's concentric circles.
Fun Kandinsky Concentric Circles Art Lesson For Kids
Oil pastel resist is one of our favorite techniques to use with kids. This abstract painting idea is perfect for a preschool or kindergarten art class.
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white snowflakes on small papers painted with blue and purple watercolor paint and salt.
Easy Snowflake Art Idea With Salt and Watercolor
Using a combination of oil pastel, salt and watercolor will have the kids in awe. They will love the how the snowflake magically appears when they are painting.
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2 different flower glue resist watercolor paintings on canvas boards.
Easy Glue Resist Art on Canvas (with Watercolor Paint)
Kids can even use glue to create a fun drawing. Make sure to let their glue drawing fully dry, before having fun with liquid watercolor paint.
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rainbow cartoon bird drawings on table.
Easy Rainbow Bird Painting For Kids
This bird painting idea is so much fun for kids. They will love using our guide to draw birds. For this kid art project, we chose to paint the background with watercolor paints and use markers in a fun way to achieve the funny rainbow birds.
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colorful patterned cat drawing kid art project.
Easy Cat Drawing Inspired By Laurel Burch
Using watercolor paint in the background of art is a great way to cover a large space quickly. Beginners can continue to paint the patterned cat or use a drawing material of their choice.
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multiple hearts painted with watercolor paint on paper.
Easy Valentine’s Day Watercolor Painting Idea
Watercolor paints are a perfect way to make easy and homemade cards. This tutorial can help children create a simple heart patterned card to truly showcase their love.
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2 different tree of life paintings on different marbled backgrounds.
Unique Klimt Tree Of Life Art Lesson
Did you know you can use shaving cream and liquid watercolor to get a fun patterned background? Printing shaving cream is one cool way to get a unique painting idea. If you don't have liquid watercolor paint, then you can also use acrylic paint.
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easy heart watercolor painting for kids in warm colors and cool colored painting saying "grammy".
Easy Watercolor Painting For Preschoolers
This watercolor painting project is 3-year-old approved. Kids of all ages can create tape-resist art with a little adult assistance.
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white paper with liquid water color being blown with straw.
Jackson Pollock Inspired Straw Painting For Kids
This classic process art activity is a must for kids of all ages. Children can use a straw to create their next abstract masterpiece.
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4 different birch tree landscape painting on shiplap.
Easy Watercolor Winter Scene Landscape Painting Tutorial
We always love the results of this painting tutorial. By following the step-by-step instructions beginners can create a winter scene to be proud of.
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collage of images making easy food sculpture out of model magic.
Easy Model Magic Food Sculpture Art Project
Watercolor paint doesn't only belong on paper. Kids can add character to their miniature food sculptures by using a small brush and their favorite colors.
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colorful large flower oil pastel and tempera paintings by kids.
Easy Flower Painting Idea For Kids
Georgia O'Keeffe is an inspiration for these large flower projects. Kids will love exploring colors in their zoomed-in composition.
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clay fish and watercolor paint pallette after being painted.
Paint Clay With Watercolor Paint
No time to glaze those ceramic pieces? No problem. Use watercolor paints and a clear coat as a fun non-glaze alternative.
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fall watercolor painted tree on marble countertop with watercolor paints.
Easy Watercolor Tree Painting In Fall Colors For Beginners
Beginners can use this easy tutorial to mix warm-colored watercolor paints for a simple painting.
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Easy Handmade Watercolor Christmas Card Ideas
Whether kids want to paint a simple word or a whole scene, painting on premade cards is a great way to spread holiday cheer.
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easy heart painting done with glue and watercolor paint on paper.
Easy Glue Resist Watercolor Painting Idea For Kids
Like the canvas project listed above, children can draw a simple shape or design with glue. Once dry, they can have fun experimenting with different techniques like wet-on-wet.
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paper plate flower with colorful coffee filter and painted cardboard stem.
Watercolor On Coffee Filters
Whether you make watercolor paints with washable markers or paint directly on the coffee filters, kids will love seeing the colors blend.
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mandala art project with blue, orange and green paint on a cardboard circle.
Easy Mandala Art For Kids and Beginners
Kids can create intricate mandala drawings to paint. Use either tempera cakes or watercolor paints. Our tutorial will help each child get a unique drawing to paint.
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3 abstract art line and color drawings and paintings.
Create Abstract Watercolor Paintings
Take a dot on a walk to create a line that can help create an abstract drawing. The best part of this easy art lesson is that there is no wrong way to do it. Use watercolor paints in the colors of your choice. Kids will love that they can just paint and not worry about what they are making!
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Explore More Art Ideas For Kids

Don’t overthink it the next time you need to find an easy watercolor painting project. Just get out your favorite art supplies and get creative with your family or students.

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