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8 Creative Bleeding Tissue Paper Art Ideas

We love incorporating bleeding tissue paper into our artmaking. This magical paper reacts to water to create beautiful & vibrant colors that blend in unique ways. The possibilities are endless, and the results are always stunning. Check out these 9 awesome bleeding tissue paper art ideas and let the fun begin!

collage of bleeding tissue art projects.

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Where to buy bleeding tissue paper?

Bleeding tissue can be purchased at most local craft stores or online. You just want to make sure that the packaging specifically says “bleeding” on it. Do not get the paper wet until you plan to use it.

bag of tissue paper next to decoupage bowl.

Bleeding Tissue Paper vs. Regular Tissue Paper

  • Special Dye: Bleeding tissue paper has a special dye that reacts to water, causing the colors to spread and blend. Regular tissue paper is designed to be absorbent and will not create the same effect when wet.
  • Costs More: Bleeding tissue paper is often more expensive than regular tissue paper because of the special dye used in its production.
  • Thinner: Bleeding tissue paper is typically thinner and more delicate than regular tissue paper.
  • Fewer Colors: Bleeding tissue paper is available in a limited range of colors (but still a lot of colors), while regular tissue paper is available in a wider variety of colors and patterns.
  • Meant For Art Projects: Bleeding tissue paper is specifically designed for art projects, while regular tissue paper is more commonly used for gift wrapping and other decorative purposes.

Bleeding Tissue Paper Art Projects

There are so many fun ways to use bleeding tissue paper from making backgrounds to dyeing Easter eggs.

Bleeding Tissue Paper FAQs

What is bleeding tissue art?

Bleeding tissue paper art is a technique where tissue paper is applied to a wet surface or water is added on top to create a fun color-mixing effect. The result is a unique and colorful artwork with a soft and blended appearance.

What types of projects can I make with bleeding tissue paper art?

You can make a variety of projects such as paintings, collages, and decorations. This technique is a perfect way to create unique backgrounds in mixed media art.

Should I seal my bleeding tissue paper art?

It depends on what type of project you are using. You can seal a bleeding tissue paper art project to make it more durable. You can use glue, Mod Podge, or a sealant spray to seal the project. This will help protect the artwork from water and moisture and ensure it lasts for a long time. Just be careful if brushing on the clear coat if you don’t want your colors to blend more.

How long does it take for the tissue paper to dry after it has been applied to the project?

Most of these projects will take a while to dry because of the amount of water used to get the colors to blend. The drying time for bleeding tissue paper art projects can vary depending on the project and environment. It can take a few hours or overnight for the tissue paper to dry completely. To speed up the drying process, you can use a hairdryer or place the project in a well-ventilated area.

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More Fun Art Ideas

Bleeding tissue paper is a versatile and exciting material to work with in art projects. Whether you’re creating backgrounds, collages, or experimenting with painting techniques, the unique properties of bleeding tissue paper offer endless possibilities for creativity.

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