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Fun Glaze Alternatives For Clay Projects

Clay projects are so much fun to do. Children and adults love creating ceramic projects and while we do love using clay glazes sometimes it just isn’t feasible. Here are different glaze alternatives to try during your next clay lesson.

different clay projects done with variety of non-glaze ways to add color.

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Why might you not want to use clay glaze?

Time, money and availability of clay glazes. Seriously if you have ever tried to get 500 clay projects fired twice before the end of the school year, you may be considering other options for adding color to ceramic projects. Use these ideas in your art classroom, studio or home. 

What makes a non-glazed clay project look cool?

The type of clear coat that you use can make the world of difference. Some clear coats will help seal the project, but can also have a fun appearance like the clay flower below.

two different images of clay flower pinch pot project painted with acrylic paint and then one sealed with gloss medium.

The before image of this pinch pot was painted with acrylic paint and the after was sealed with iridescent gloss medium.

What can you use instead of clay glazes?

We have used most of these materials in one way or another. This list will continue to get new images as we experiment with different clay coloring ideas.

Need clay project inspiration?

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Non-Glaze Alternatives To Add Color To Clay

Running a glaze firing in your kiln isn't always an option. Here are different techniques to add color to clay projects easily. You will love not having to glaze every single ceramic piece.

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skip the glaze with different ways to add color to clay projects for kids.

We hope you have fun creating pottery projects with these glaze alternatives.

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