Best Clear Coats For Painted Clay Projects

Have you ever wondered what to do after you paint those ceramic projects? We see that you decided to forgo glazing, but sometimes your projects need a little extra shine. Here we will share 6 different ways to add a clear coat to your clay projects.

different examples of clay projects and clear coats you can use to seal them.

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Considerations Before Clear Coating Your Painted Ceramics

  • Do you want just clear and shiny?
  • Would you rather have a matte appearance?
  • Do you want a little something extra? Say glitter or extra shimmer? 
  • Do you need to spray a clear coat or can it be brushed on?

Our Favorite Clear Coats

Will this make clay food safe?

No, let me repeat it again for the people in the back…NO! If you want clay projects to be food safe then you need to use fired clay with food-safe glazes. You also need to fire them following the instructions provided by the glazing company.

Just because you can make a clay art project look glazed or shiny, does not mean it is food safe. 

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What is our favorite clear coat?

We love the unique look of using this iridescent medium. You can see below what our flower pinch pot looked like before adding it.

acrylic gloss medium and painted clay flower.

Our clay project was painted using acrylic paint. Look at the amazing difference once the gloss medium was added. If this is too shimmery for you, you can always mix in a little plain gloss medium to cut it down.

clay flower art project painted with pink & yellow acrylic paint and clear coated with gloss medium.

What does Sparkle Mod Podge look like on clay?

Children absolutely go crazy when they see their finished clay piece with Sparkle Mod Podge on it. We know that glitter isn’t for everyone but kids sure do love it.

Here is a simple clay relief tile that was done with an oil pastel resist. The glitter Mod Podge was added after the project dried (which doesn’t take very long).

finished oil pastel done ceramic tile with black paint and clear coat sealer of a flower design.

Spray Mod Podge on a Watercolored Clay

This ceramic fish project was fired and painted with watercolor paints. Two coats of Ultra Gloss Spray were added to the finished project.

clay fish painted with watercolor paint and sprayed with Ultra gloss Mod Podge.

What to make a clear coat bath for your kid ceramic projects?

If you don’t have a spray booth or just don’t want to spray a clear coat, a bath may do the trick for you. You can mix a one-to-one ratio of Modge Podge and water in a container.

Dip the painted clay projects and let them dry on a raised surface like a grate. If you dip the project quickly you will limit the bleed of even tempera paints.

Best Clear Coats For Painted Ceramic Projects

Whether you want to spray or brush on your clear coat here are the best clear coats for your clay projects.

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Need more clay project inspiration?

Our favorite and adorable clay owl cup is a perfect build for any age artist.

Whether spraying a clear coat or brushing one on for a special effect this list has a clay clear coat for any project.

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