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Cute Easy Cat Drawing

Are you looking for a simple cat drawing idea? Use our basic sketching steps to draw the most adorable cat.

black line drawing of cat.

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This easy kitty sketch can be modified to create your own cat drawing in under 3 minutes. Draw with us as we create a kitty out of basic shapes.

All six steps are in an image at the end of this post.

How To Draw An Easy Cat

Step 1: Draw Your Head

Add an oval for a head at the top of your paper. Leave room for ears and a body.

oval sketched on white paper.

Step 2: Add Cat Ears and Eyes

You can make human-like eyes or closed eyes with a simple smile line. Sketch to triangular shapes for ears.

cat ears and eyes sketched into oval on white paper.

Step 3: Draw A Small Nose and Cat Mouth

We like to say that cats have an “anchor” mouth. You can add other details as well.

simple cat face drawing on white paper.

Step 4: Add A Body, Paws and Tail

We chose to draw a bell-shaped body first. Then added to paws and a bushy tail.

simple cat sketch on white paper.

Step 5: Add Whiskers and Fur

You can add an extra triangle to the ears and add extra fur to the kitten’s face. Also, draw 3 whiskers on each side of the nose.

cat sketch with whiskers on white paper.

Optional: Use A Pen Or Marker

Decide on the lines you want to keep in your cat drawing and outline them with a pen or ultra-fine permanent marker.

black pen lines on top of pencil cat sketch on white paper.
Erase the pencil lines for a finished cat line sketch.

Below you can find an image with all 6 steps to draw along with.

easy cat drawing with 6 different steps and sketches.

Looking for a different cat sketch?

Create a fun patterned cat inspired by Laurel Burch in this art lesson.

colorful cat drawing, watercolor paint, markers and water cup on table.

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Easy Cat Drawing

Learn how to draw a simple cat sketch.
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easy cat drawing with 6 different steps and sketches.
Creating:3 minutes
Total Time:3 minutes


  • Pencil
  • Pen or Ultra-Fine Permanent Marker


  • Paper


  • Add an oval for a head at the top of your paper. Leave room for ears and a body.
  • Add triangular shaped cat ears and eyes in the middle of the oval.
  • Add a small nose in the middle of the oval.
  • Draw an anchor mouth by creating a forward and backward "J".
  • Draw a bell-shaped or oval body.
  • Add two paws by drawing straight lines with ovals on the end. Add lines for paw details.
  • Draw lines for whiskers coming from the nose.
  • Add extra fur lines by sketching irregular lines.
  • Use a pen of marker to add extra kitty detials.


  • Modify this sketch to make a kitty you love. 
  • Remember to sketch lightly with your pencil.
  • If using a pen afterward, erase the pencil lines.
  • Add color or extra shading with your pencil once your drawing is done.
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