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23 Easy Snowflake Crafts For Fun Winter Activities

Get inspired with this list of 20+ snowflake craft ideas for your next winter project. A snowflake shape is the perfect starting point for any Winter family craft project. All of these ideas are perfect for kids of all ages! #5 is one of our favorite magical ideas!

collage of 4 different snowflake crafts for kids.

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5 different paper snowflakes on blue background.
How To Make Paper Snowflakes In 5 Minutes
Nothing says snowy day more than learning how to cut paper snowflakes. While this may seem like a childhood pastime, you would be surprised how many young kids don't know how to make this simple craft idea. This is a great opportunity to show them exactly how with our easy snowflake-cutting tutorial. Get those pieces of white paper and scissors ready!
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snowflake drawing with blue watercolor paint on wood table.
How To Make A Simple Snowflake Drawing
This step-by-step guide will teach you exactly how to sketch out an easy symmetrical snowflake drawing. The best part is that you can easily change the designs, shapes, and patterns once you get the hang of it. Older kids will love using this drawing tutorial as a starting point to add more intricate details and designs.
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snowflake drawing with colorful background.
Snowflake Line Drawing Art Project
This is a fun way to teach children about negative space. Use the marker drawing tutorial above to make an easy paper snowflake template before designing your background.
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snowflake painting on canvas.
Easy Snowflake Canvas Painting For Kids
You can choose to paint with tissue paper or use regular craft paint for this unique snowflake canvas. Get our tips for the type of tape we like to use to make our pretty snowflakes.
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white snowflakes on small papers painted with blue and purple watercolor paint and salt.
Easy Snowflake Art Idea With Salt and Watercolor
This classic watercolor resist painting method is perfect to use to create wintery scenes, cards and more. We recommend using a white oil pastel for best results. Once you have drawn your snowflake. you can see how kids will love to experiment with the different properties of watercolor paint for a snowy effect.
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hand holding paintbrush painting blue watercolor paint on top of white oil pastel snowflake.
Watercolor and Oil Pastel Resist For Kids
Like the idea above, you can draw a more detailed snowflake before getting to paint the background.
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Snowflake Ornament Winter Crafts with Sticks for Kids
Making a snowflake craft doesn't have to be expensive. Kids will love creating these easy 3-dimensional snowflakes to hang around your house or on your Christmas tree.
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Make Easy Snowflake Suncatchers with Kids
Add a twist to the classic paper snowflake by adding colored tissue paper to them. Brighten up any room in your home by proudly displaying these on your window.
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How to Make 3D Paper Snowflakes
Take your snowflake-making to a whole new dimension by learning how to make 3-d paper snowflakes. Kids will be amazed at how they are to turn paper into beautiful snowflakes.
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Pollock Winter Snowflake Art
Explore the father of action painting and get a little messy at the same time. Use a variety of blue paint colors to make your stunning snowflakes.
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Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes Toddler Activity
Even the littlest artists can appreciate a good stamping and painting activity. Recycle those old toilet paper rolls and get to work making marks on your paper.
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Q-tip Snowflake Craft
Who would have thought that there are so many fun designs you could make out of Q-tips? Add a little tacky glue to paper or add a precut ornament in this fun snowflake craft.
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DIY Snowflake Window Clings
Getting the right type of puffy paint is essential for making these unique snowflakes. These puffy snowflake paintings are perfect for a snowy day and won't take very long to make.
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Colour-Changing Snowflake Window Clings (with Free Printable!)
Instead of making just a classic window cling, you could go for a color-changing snowflake to display during those winter months. We know we need to go out and buy some of this color-changing glue soon!
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Free Christmas String Art Patterns: Snowflake and Christmas Tree
String art is a great way to work on building fine motor skills while having fun. Have fun creating different shapes with the templates provided.
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Perfect Paper Snowflakes Collage
Get that construction paper and white paper ready. Kids can create fun backgrounds for their cut snowflakes. Just add a little glue to the back of the snowflake and you have a homemade card or artwork to display. We love that this art idea is on the smaller side and can be repeated in so many unique ways.
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Easy Handmade Watercolor Christmas Card
Draw snowflakes and other wintery swirls using glue on watercolor paper. Once the glue dries, add watercolor paint for an amazing effect.
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Pointillism Snowflake Art
Add a little art history lesson to your snowflake-making. Older children can work to fill in their templates using different drawing materials.
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Paper Roll Snowflake Ornaments
Use leftover paper towel rolls to create these fun 3-d snowflakes.
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Popsicle Stick Snowflakes
Paint your popsicle sticks a color you love and add bead sequins or other shiny objects for an easy preschool snowflake craft idea.
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DIY Glittery Clothespin Snowflakes
Get those old clothespins ready and make this homemade ornament idea. This project is best for older kids, tweens or teens who can handle using hot glue.
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DIY Beaded Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Ornaments
Create different-sized snowflakes by twisting together pipe cleaners and then adding beads. This is another wonderful way to work on fine motor skills.
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Easy Hands on Snowflake Winter Craft for Kids Who Don’t Have Snow
While not everyone gets to enjoy the splendor of white crystal winters, we all appreciate the beauty of that type of winter. Then have fun making these fun borax crystal snowflakes.
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Coffee Filter Snowflakes for Winter Fun
Instead of cutting snowflakes out of regular paper, you can use coffee filters. Kids will love adding color for a fun effect.
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