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Primary Color Collages Inspired By Mondrian

Kids will love this fun collage art lesson. Not only will they learn about shapes, colors, and Piet Mondrian, but they will have so much fun with limited prep on your end!

collage of yellow, blue and red paper squares and rectangles with black lines.

This collage lesson is a simple project to help little ones work on their fine motor skills while allowing a little creativity in the process. Not to mention you can tie in shapes and colors in one of our favorite easy art lessons inspired by famous artists.

Why You Will Love This Art Idea

  • KID FRIENDLY – We have completed this with Kindergartners and up. A small group of preschoolers would also love this.
  • LIMITED PREP– Pass out the collage supplies and get to work. When it is time to paint, just put a little paint on a tray or plate and stamp away.
  • CAN MODIFY SUPPLIES – If you don’t want to stamp the lines, you can use more paper or draw them.

Supplies You’ll Need

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  • 9 x 12″ or 12″ x 18″ White Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Red, Blue and Yellow Construction Paper*
  • Cardboard Rectangles (stampers)
  • Black Tempera Paint
  • Scissors

*If you can afford it, this brand of construction paper is the only one we use. It doesn’t fade like other brands.

Who is Piet Mondrian?

Before you begin you will want to look at some of Mondrian’s famous paintings. With young children, they will even be proud to notice the color scheme (primary), lines and shapes they see in his artwork.

We always like to get the kids talking about artwork.

A Few Facts About Mondrian

  • You can find some of examples of his work and more info on his life here at the Artland website.
  • Dutch artist born in 1872
  • Tate Kids also notes that “best known for his abstract paintings”. Abstract Art does not show recognizable things that you might see in the real world.
  • Before painting his most famous primary-colored compositions, he liked to paint realistic scenes, trees, and then eventually more abstract tree paintings.

Making A Mondrian-Inspired Collage

Before we begin any art lesson inspired by a famous masterpiece, it is important to make sure students and children know that the goal is not to completely copy the artist.

They are to use the primary colors, shapes, and lines to create their works.

collage of image showing a red, blue and yellow collage art project being created.

Step 1: Cut Shapes

You can encourage students to cut rectangles and squares out of the colored construction paper.

However, we have also had really interesting results by not limiting the shapes they cut.

Step 2: Create Balance By Collaging

This is a great time to talk about how artists can create balance. Even kindergartners will understand that the art might not be balanced if all the red paper is on the one side.

Model how to properly use a glue stick and begin to create a primary-colored collage.

Step 3: Stamp Lines

Place black tempera paint on a plate or tray. Children can use a piece of cardboard to stamp lines onto their artwork. Again, you can encourage vertical and horizontal lines, or let them create.

Step 4: Let Dry

construction paper collage art project inspired by Mondrian.

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Lesson Tips

  • Model how to hold the cardboard stamper. Cut them large enough so that there is a limited mess when they hold them.
  • Don’t worry if these don’t look exactly like a Mondrian. Remember to encourage the process.
  • Have students check that they have fully glued pieces down before getting to paint lines.
  • If you do not want to paint, you can always draw lines or use more paper to complete the collage.
Mondrian collage inspired collages on white paper with black painted lines.

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Have fun creating and making a fun collage at home or school.

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