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15+ Creative Clay Crafts You Can Make At Home For Beginners

Are you looking for unique craft ideas to try with your family? Look no further than this list of 15+ creative clay craft ideas that will make you want to start creating today. #3 is a true favorite!

air dry clay in large plastic container.

Using clay at home is a great way to keep your whole family’s imagination and creativity flowing. From air dry clay to polymer clay, there are so many different types of clay that you can use at home.

Types Of Clay You Can Use At Home

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15 Clay Craft Ideas You Can Make At Home

polymer clay penguin charm.
Adorable Clay Charms
Kids and beginners will love using polymer clay, such as Sculpey, to create these super fun animal charms. This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to make a cute peguin and sloth. After that, you can get creative to make yoru own charms.
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two pinch pots made by kids painted with bright colors.
First Pinch Pots
Kids will love making their own pinch pot bowl at home. Once the air dry clay fully dries, they can have fun painting unique designs and patterns to create a cute keepsake dish.
How To Make Pinch Pots At Home
clay unicorn dish.
Fun Unicorn Clay Dish
Is your child obsessed with all things unicorns? If so, these adorable unicorn bowls are a fun beginner air-dry clay project to try. This free step-by-step tutorial teaches how to slump a bowl and attach all your fun details.
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DIY Clay Coasters
DIY Clay Coasters
DIY clay coasters are a great craft to make with the kids. Use fun color combinations to create these beautiful DIY clay crafts! Get inspired with this easy tutorial and how-to video.
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clay flower dish.
Clay Flower Dish
Kids of all ages will love making this clay flower dish. Follow our easy tutorail to learn how first graders and above can create a unique flower dish that will be cherished for years to come.
Flower Pinch Pot Idea
Cute Air Dry DIY Jewelry Trays
Cute Air Dry DIY Jewelry Trays
Air dry clay is the perfect material for making fun trinket bowls or jewelry trays. Keep your designs simple or paint a more intricate pattern to fit your style. These cute bowls make fun homemade gifts as well.
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Faux Stone Air-Dry Clay Jewelry: DIY Beach Pebble Bracelet
Faux Stone Air-Dry Clay Jewelry: DIY Beach Pebble Bracelet
You won't believe that these stone beads aren’t real. Instead of drilling through real rocks, you can just learn how to make your own faux-rock air-dry clay jewelry. We love these boho-inspired accessories!
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Clay Name Ornaments and Gift Tags
Clay Name Ornaments and Gift Tags
Add a little extra character and charm to presents by making DIY clay name ornaments that double as gift tags. This a perfect Christmas craft or birthday gift idea. Making these simple air-dry clay gift tags is fun for all ages.
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leaf impression painted gold on clay ornament.
Clay Leaf Impression
If you have 5 minutes, you can make this super easy clay craft. Using air-dry clay and nature, create a unique leaf impression. The textured clay can be used to create ornaments, pendants, or small dishes.
How To Make An Easy Clay Leaf Impression
Clay Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft Project
Clay Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft Project
Show your love for this classic children’s book with this creative clay Very Hungry Caterpillar craft. Use air dry clay or foam clay to easily create your own caterpillar. This clay craft is the perfect preschool or Kindergarten sculpture lesson to keep those little hands busy.
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green clay leaf jewelry dish.
Easy DIY Clay Jewelry Dish
Use leaves to create a fun textured dish to store all of your trinkets and jewelry. Customize this easy clay craft to fit your style and bathroom decor.
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6 Easy Air Dry Clay Flowers for Beginners
6 Easy Air Dry Clay Flowers for Beginners
Learn how to make wonderful air dry clay flowers with six simple methods. This easy tutorial is perfect for beginners looking to get creative with clay.
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Beautiful DIY Air Dry Clay Ornaments You’ll Want To Make
Beautiful DIY Air Dry Clay Ornaments You’ll Want To Make
Learn how to make stunning DIY air dry clay ornaments by using cookie cutters and decoupaging vintage patterns onto them. These air dry clay ornaments are perfect for holiday trees or as unique gift tags.
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gold clay coins on rainbow backdrop.
Make “Leprechaun Gold” Air-Dry Clay Gold Coins
What child wouldn't like to make their own gold? Whether you’re making leprechaun gold for St. Patrick’s Day or pirate treasure for backyard adventures, these air dry clay gold coins are a creative art process for kids and make fantastic homemade play props.
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DIY Air Dry Clay Trinket Dishes: Cherry Blossom Edition
DIY Air Dry Clay Trinket Dishes: Cherry Blossom Edition
Learn how to make an easy DIY air dry clay trinket dish at home. This guide will help you create beautiful, personalized cherry blossom dishes.
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More Fun Sculpture Ideas

Have fun sculpting and working with clay! We know our family loves creating 3-d crafts with their hands.

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