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Punch Cup Game DIY Design Ideas For All Holidays & Parties

No matter what time of year a punch board is the perfect DIY party game for any kid’s party. Here 5 different design ideas you can easily recreate by reusing the same board.

collage of DIY punch board game designs.

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This easy party game has been one of those DIYs that is so easy to make and kids love it. Kids request this punch board every time there is a birthday or class party!

What is a prize punch game?

Kids (and adults) can punch tissue paper-covered cups to reveal the prize inside. Each of the designs listed below has full tutorials linked where you can get all the tips for making your DIY game.

Basic Steps For Making Your Board

  1. Place prizes in cups.
  2. Use rubber bands to cover the cups with tissue paper.
  3. Hot glue tissue paper-covered cups onto a foam core board.
  4. Add designs such as a turkey, Frankenstein, or a ghost.
double-banded rubber band around cup with green tissue paper.

#1 Classic Mixed Colors

No matter what time of year it is, you can change the tissue paper in a random pattern to match the holiday. You can see our full original prize punch board tutorial on our sister site.

red, white and green tissue paper covering cups glued to white board.

#2 Easy Thanksgiving Game

Instead of random Christmas colors, use warm tissue paper to cover your cups. Create an easy paper or cardboard turkey for this fun & easy feast party game.

turkey punch board game with red, yellow and orange cups covered in tissue paper.

#3 Halloween Punch Board

Create a fun Frankenstein game, ghost or pumpkin punch board for spooky punching! In this design, all 20 cups are usable since the eyes were made with tissue paper and other details drawn on.

green tissue paper cover cups glued to board making a Frankenstein face.

#4 Christmas Tree Board

This layout is a different board than the other designs. Yes, we love this easy party game so much that we have made two boards. Instead of just randomly gluing cups on, glue them in a triangular shape. Add your own tree decorations for a fun holiday game!

Christmas tree punch board game with ribbons on the board.

#5 Pink Barbie or Valentine’s Day Game

You could add a logo, draw hearts or add stickers to your cups and board. The red and pink theme board was a perfect addition to those Valentine’s Day parties.

child's arm punching pink, red and light pink tissue paper punch game.


What age can play this game?

Any age will love punching a cup. We normally recommend having another activity first, before allowing children to punch to get their prizes.

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  • Make sure that your tissue paper is tight enough on the cups. The pop sound is what kids love.
  • Use a generous amount of hot glue.
  • Have extra prizes and tissue paper if using this at a class party. There is always a little one who gets too excited and punches two cups.

More Fun Activities

Let us know if you make a punch board game! We would love to add your project to our list!

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