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9+ Simple Mandala Art Drawing Ideas For Beginners

There is no need to have an art degree when designing your own mandala. See how drawing can help you create a relaxing feeling with these 9+ mandala drawing ideas that are perfect for beginners!

collage of mandala art ideas.

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What is a mandala?

According to Britannica, mandala comes from the Sanskrit word for “circle” and is a “symbolic diagram used in the performance of sacred rites and as an instrument of meditation.” The Asia Society also notes, “that mandalas can come in many forms.” From paintings on scrolls to temporary sand mandalas there are amazing examples throughout Art History.

Beginner-Friendly Designs

Mandalas are a great inspiration for beginners and children because there really is no wrong way to make your own mandala. Repetitive lines and shapes can help calm the inner artist.

white carboard circle with black radial marker designs on table with paint.

Recommended Supplies

The best tool to start with is just a pencil to get sketching. After that, you will only need basic supplies.

You can always elaborate and add more expensive materials such as fine liner pens, gel pens, dotted graph drawing paper or different paints for color as you see fit.

Creative Mandala Art Drawings

There are a lot of ways you can start making your own mandalas. No matter what level your artistic skills are at, you can use simple techniques and basic lines to express your creativity.

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Tips For Drawing With Kids

Be Inspired But Not Copy

It is important that young artists learn the value and reasons for other cultures creating artwork. They should not aim to copy famous mandala designs that they see but rather work to create a circular design representing their spirit and ideas. 

Be Unique

Whether you make intricate designs or just basic shapes in your art journal, making your own mandala should represent you and your artistic journey.

Sketch Lightly

You will erase as you are designing, especially if you are trying to get your design as close to symmetrically as possible. Don’t try to be perfect and remember to sketch lightly so you can fix any mistakes.

More Drawing Ideas

We hope this list of mandala drawing ideas helps inspire your next drawing. Don’t worry about making it perfect and just start. Happy creating!

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