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How To Make DIY Crayons

There is nothing better than when can reuse something you already have to make something new. Here are different and clever ways you can make your own homemade crayons at home.

collage of DIY crayons being made.

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Popular Homemade Crayon Ideas

  • Heart Crayons
  • Letter Crayons
  • Rainbow Crayons
  • Muffin Tin Crayons
  • Animal Shaped Crayons
  • Star Crayons (Red, White and Blue For Extra Patriotic Crayons)
  • Car Shaped Crayons
  • Christmas or Holiday Shaped Crayons
  • Lego Crayons
two cookie cutters on parchment paper with broken crayon pieces inside.

Tips For Peeling Old Crayons

No matter how you choose to get shaped crayons, you are going to have to peel the paper off the old crayons.

  • We have found that soaking crayons in warm water for 10-15 minutes will allow the paper to easily come off.
  • You can also use a razor blade to cut the paper off, but the water is the easiest especially if involving young children.

Easiest Way To Melt Crayons

Most of these DIY crayons are melted in your oven. Read all of our tips for how to melt crayons in your oven.

New diy crayons leaning up against cookie cutters.
Melting Crayons In Oven With Cookie Cutters
There are two ways you can use cookie cutters to make crayons. Our version is a mess-free way to easily make your own crayons by lining the cooking cutter with a foil liner or non-stick aluminum foil.
If you are daring, you can try to melt the crayons on a cookie sheet and cut through well the wax is warm. This can get pretty messy.
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4 homemade colorful crayons with rigid edges.
Make Homemade Crayons In Muffin Tins
You can use cupcake liners or just mini muffin tins to create fun melted crayons. Have fun with the colors. We love using the foil liners to keep it a no-mess activity.
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4 mutli-colored new heart crayons made from crayons melting in oven in silicone heart molds.
Easily Melt Crayons In Silicone Molds
This is such a fun and amazing craft. You will be shocked at all the details you can get in your silicone molds. We think these make the perfect Valentines or gifts in treat bags.
The best part about making crayons in silicone molds is that there are so many different molds you can buy. Just make sure you are using an oven-safe mold.
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Make DIY Crayon Letters
Instead of using the heart mold, create a rainbow alphabet in this fun tutorial. The best part is that you can create personalized messages and names using these crayon letters.
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colorful Christmas tree crayons on silver cookie sheet.
Christmas Tree Crayons
Learn how to make Christmas tree crayons. These homemade crayons are a perfect and cheap stocking stuffer idea.
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DIY Crayons FAQs

How do you make homemade crayons?

Melting down old crayon pieces into new crayons is the best way to make new crayons. You can melt the wax into silicone molds, cookie cutters or muffin tins.

Can you melt crayons in silicone molds?

Yes, this is our favorite way to make new crayons. You can get oven-safe silicone molds in various shapes and you will be amazed at the details you can get with your new crayons.

How long does it take for melted crayons to harden?

Depending on the size of your DIY crayon it will take around 20-30 minutes to fully harden and cool. Be careful will pulling hot wax out of the oven as it will be extremely hot.

Can you just melt a new crayon in a cookie cutter?

We don’t recommend just using the straight cookie cutter on a cookie sheet to make a new crayon. The wax will melt quickly and really ooze out of the sides.melted crayon wax all over cookie sheet with parchment paper.

More Easy Crafts

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We hope you enjoy being creative as a family and playing with your new DIY crayons.

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