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Easy Shaving Cream Art On Paper

Do you want kids to be amazed when they see their fabulous marbled paper? This quick and easy printing technique is perfect as a stand alone project or as just one part of an art lesson. Learn how you can easily make shaving cream art on paper in less than 5 minutes.

different marble papers done with shaving cream.

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Recommended Supplies

  • Liquid Watercolor Paint, Food Coloring or Acrylic Paint: All will work to help dye the shaving cream. These liquid watercolor paints are our favorite though.
  • Shaving Cream: the cheapest will do
  • Toothpick or old fork
  • Spatula or cardboard to smooth out
  • Scraper: this can be a squeegee, piece of cardboard or old credit/gift card
  • Surface to work on such as baking sheet or tray
  • Heavy-weight drawing paper or watercolor paper
supplies used for shaving cream art.
Note that we chose to use acrylic paint for the examples below, but have had great sucess with food coloring or liquid watercolor in the past.

How To Marble Paper With Shaving Cream

Step 1: Add Shaving Cream

Add shaving cream a tray or baking sheet that is bigger than the paper you are printing on. You need a thin layer of shaving cream at the bottom before you begin. You can use a spatula or fingers to smooth it out if you want.

spatula moving shaving cream around on baking sheet.

Step 2: Add Color

Add drops of liquid watercolor, food coloring or acrylic paint. For these particular prints, we used cheaper acrylic craft paint.

Experiment with colors, but you will want to pick colors that will mix well together.

hand holding small craft paint bottles.

Step 3: Swirl Colors

Use a toothpick, fork or the end of a paintbrush to swirl the shaving cream and paint around until you like what it looks like. The more you swirl, the more the paint will mix and become one color. 

hand holding toothpick swirling around green, purple and blue paint.

Step 4: Print Paper

After you have swirled, take your paper and press it down lightly and rub the back of the paper.

hand pushing on white paper in baking sheet.

Step 5: Pull Paper Off

Lift the paper out and place it in the newspaper or on the baking sheet if there is space.

paper being pulled off of shaving cream and paint in baking tray.

Step 6: Scrape Off Shaving Cream and Paint Mixture

Using a scraper such as an old credit card or piece of cardboard to lightly take off excess shaving cream to reveal the awesome shaving cream art.  

hand using cardboard to scrape shaving cream off paper.

Step 7: Let Dry

green, blue and purple marbled paper.

Craft FAQs

Can you use paint with shaving cream?

Liquid watercolor is the best paint to use when making shaving cream art. However, acrylic and tempera paint can also work. You can see we were able to get a cool effect with craft acrylic paint.

Will the shaving cream dry on the paper?

If you have some leftover shaving cream on the paper after printing, do not worry. It will flake off once it dries completely.

How do you make marbled paper with shaving cream?

It is super easy to print marbled paper with shaving cream. Add a thin layer of shaving cream to a baking sheet, add color and swirl around. Place your paper on top of the paint and shaving cream and lightly press the back of the paper. Pull the paper up and scrape off the shaving cream and you have made an awesome marbled paper!

Can I use white copy paper when making shaving cream art?

For best results, you need thicker paper such as 80 lb. drawing paper, cardstock or watercolor paper. Standard white copy paper will most likely rip when taking off the shaving cream and paint mixture.

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How To Make Shaving Cream Art On Paper With Paint

Learn how to easily create marble paper with shaving cream in this easy craft tutorial kids love.
Print Tutorial
shaving cream art on papers.
Prep:2 minutes
Creating:5 minutes
Total Time:7 minutes


  • Scraper this can be a squeegee, piece of cardboard or old credit/gift card
  • Surface to work on: baking sheet or tray
  • Toothpick or old fork
  • Spatula or cardboard to smooth out


  • Paint Food Coloring, Acrylic Paint or Liquid Watercolor: All will work to help dye the shaving cream.
  • Shaving Cream (not gel) the cheapest will do
  • Heavy Paper Cardstock, Watercolor Paper or at least 80 lb. Drawing Paper


  • Add shaving cream to a tray or baking sheet.
  • Spread shaving cream out to a thin layer.
  • Add drops of paint or food coloring to the shaving cream.
  • Swirl paint and shaving cream around with a toothpick or old fork.
  • Lay paper on the mixture and lightly press the back of the paper.
  • Carefully pull up paper.
  • Use an old gift card or credit card to scrape away the shaving cream and paint.
  • Let your awesome marbled paper dry.


  • Liquid watercolor paints will give you the most vibrant colors. Do not dilute them.
  • You can repeat printing from the same mixture over and over. 
  • Experiment with colors but try to pick colors that you know will mix well together.
Author: Erin
Cost: under $5

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