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17+ Fun Summer Art Ideas Creative Kids Love

Summertime is the perfect time to get creative with your family. Be inspired by these Summer craft ideas and boredom buster list for the next time your child says, “I’m bored!” #10 and #13 are great to do outdoors!

collage of crafts kids can make in the summer.

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Make sure to save this list. You never know when you might need a new creative idea.

two bird masks craft made from egg cartons, feathers and paint.
Unique Bird Mask Craft For Kids
Create fun masks for the younger children at a fair or gathering. These don't require many materials and can be pretty cheap to make.
Easy Mask Tutorial
brown, tan, orange & black reverse tie dyed shirt.
Reverse Tie Dye T-Shirts
Teenagers will love creating this tie dye effect. Some parent supervision may be required and make sure to follow all proper precautions when working with diluted bleach.
How To Reverse Tie Dye
different homemade crayons made in the oven on white background.
Patriotic Crayons In Molds
Are kids bored over summer break? Go ahead and buy clearance silicone molds after the 4th of July and start to make some crayons to show off your patriotic spirit.
Read More
hand holding pink, yellow plastic keychain that says peace love.
Customizable DIY Shrink Plastic Keychains
Learn how to make adorable DIY keychains using plastic shrink film. The best part about this easy and sellable craft is that kids can make different ones in minutes! Just make sure an adult helps with the oven.
DIY Keychain Tutorial
black and white painted terracotta flower pots.
Simple Black and White Succulent Pots
These easy painted flower pot designs can be done on small terracotta pots with black and white paint. Plant a cute succulent in them to enjoy all Summer long.
Flower Pot Painting Tutorial
piles of homemade playdough
Make Slow Cooker Playdough
Make your own playdough in your slow cooker, dye it the colors of your choice and package it in air-tight containers for a simple idea. You could even add essential oils to make this a great item for craft markets.
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Marbled Nail Polish Dipped Mugs
Older children or younger kids with adult supervision can easily make these nail polish mugs or other marble dipped accessories to sell. We see some cool pencil holders in our future. Head to the thrift store today to see what you could makeover.
Read More
green, yellow and blue colored plastic shaped Ohio keychain.
Easy DIY Shrinky Dinks
Children of all ages will love making their own Shrinky Dink keychains or jewelry to sell. You can even use the state templates provided in this tutorial.
Read More
melted wax in 4 cupcake liners in muffin tin.
Make Muffin Tin Crayons
Easily reuse those old broken crayons to create colorful new ones. No need for expensive molds.
Muffin Tin Crayon Tutorial
child's hands playing in orange gooey Oobleck.
Make Homemade Oobleck
Summertime is the perfect time to play with this sensory material. Keep those toddlers, preschoolers, and young children entertained outside all day long. Adults will love playing with Oobleck, too!
How To Make Oobleck
turtle egg carton craft, egg carton mask, flower, caterpillar in front of regular egg carton.
Create Recyclable Crafts
Keep a recyclable craft bin around and pull it out when boredom hits. Kids can have fun making all sorts of fun egg carton craft ideas.
8+ Egg Carton Crafts
3 abstract art line and color drawings and paintings.
Fun Abstract Art With Simple Materials
Kids can decide the materials they want to use to create their own abstract art. Whether you want a simple drawing or a more advanced painting, get those art supplies out and draw a dot that goes on a walk.
Full Abstract Art Tutorial
Jackson Pollock Inspired Paintings for Preschool-Aged Children blowing paint around on paper
Paint With Straws
Get messy on that picnic table this Summer. Make abstract expressionism art by blowing paint all around. Just make sure kids take breaks and drink plenty of water.
Straw Painting Art Project
wolf animal habitat diorama in a shoe box with fake trees and wolf figurine.
Creative Shoebox Projects
No need to wait until a teacher assigns a diorama project. Kids can reuse those shoeboxes and their imaginations for this creative shoe box craft.
Tips For Making a Diorama
Melted Crayon Crafts
Make your own melted crayon canvas or 18+ other crayon crafts. This list of 18+ crayon ideas will make you think twice before throwing out those broken pieces.
More Broken Crayon Crafts
child's hand using finger to add water to air dry clay pot.
Make Cute Pinch Pot Dishes
Use air dry clay to store all those little Summer trinkets and finds. For an added bonus, press fresh leaves or flowers for a cool effect.
How To Make Pinch Pots At Home
black and white op art drawings.
Black and White Drawings
For this simple drawing, all you need is a ruler, black marker and white paper. Create a simple or more complete Op Art drawing with our step-by-step tutorial.
Black and White Op Art Tutorial

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What is your favorite Summer art project to do with your family? We will keep updating this list as we continue to be creative with ours.

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