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Shrink Plastic Ideas: 9 Keepsake Designs

Step back into your childhood with these fun shrink plastic design ideas! Whether you want to make a shrinky keychain or DIY magnet, our list of 9+ keepsake designs is perfect for you.

shrink plastic keychains and tassles hanging.

Basic Steps To Make Shrink Plastic Crafts

STEP 1: Draw your design. 
STEP 2: Cut it out and/or punch a hole.
STEP 3: Bake your shrink plastic at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 1-3 minutes.
OPTIONAL: Add a clear coat or extra accessories.

9 Shrink Plastic Design Ideas

#1 Portrait Drawing

This shrinky plastic design is great because it only requires a permanent marker pen and a picture. Trace the important details and cut it out to gift to a love one.

couple frosted clear keychain.

Full Tutorial Alert: Find out exactly what supplies we recommend and how to make plastic shrink keychains here.

#2 Name Designs

Did you know you can use acrylic paint on shrink plastic film? Draw a fun graffiti name, add color and bake it. Once you are done, you can even add a glitter Mod Podge or other clear coat.

erin painted on shrink plastic with yellow, green and pink.

#3 Simple Shapes

Don’t overthink it when letting your child design a DIY keychain. Repeating the same shape also works well to use up the leftover skinny pieces of shrink film you may have.

heart shrinky dink keychain.

#4 Rainbow

You can make a more complex rainbow drawing or like this one from a young child. Have fun being creative with your colors to create a fun shrink plastic craft you will love.

hand holding rainbow keychain made by child.

#5 Home Is Where The Heart Is

This simple state design was completed in less than 5 minutes. Adding a heart where you are from can make a great gift for those loved ones who have moved away.

outline of Oregon plastic keychain with heart on it.

#6 Positve Message Design

If you love spreading cheer and happiness you can create a colorful message to remind you every time you pick up those keys. Have fun exploring your colored pencils skills on shrink plastic for a cool effect.

hand holding pink, yellow plastic keychain that says peace love.

#7 Colorful State Pride

No matter where you live, you can use the free templates provided to make a DIY Shrinky Dink to match your personality.

(Click the link to go to our sister site, to get 50 state templates).

green, yellow and blue colored plastic shaped Ohio keychain.

#8 Special Message

You can create the look of notebook paper by using blue and red colored pencils to draw lines. Your child’s handwriting can be a keepsake everyone will cherish for years to come.

hand holding notebook paper keychain saying I love grammy.

#9 Small Plastic Plant Markers

These cute little garden markers were made by sketching with permanent markers. The organic nature makes this a super simple drawing idea. Add a little stick and put in your garden to easily mark your plants.

small plastic plant drawings on paper.

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plastic shrink keychain and ideas on gray table.

More Design Ideas

  • Simple name writing – There is something so special about their handwriting at those younger ages.
  • Child’s favorite drawing – whether a monster or flower.
  • More simple shape designs with different colors. Scribbling is fine! Punch a hole and create a fun Jackson Pollock-like charm.
  • Small charms for jewelry
  • Fun designs for magnets
  • Succulents
  • Food drawings

More Fun Craft Ideas

Honestly, you can draw anything you want as you design your plastic shrink film. Have fun being creative!

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